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Replacement for Newport HT-70, e360, e500, Maxtec OM-25A, OM-24ME / OM25MEL


OEM Equipment:
Newport HT-70 Ventilator 
Newport e360 Ventilator 
Newport e500 Ventilator 
Maxtec OM-25A Analyzer 
Maxtec OM-24ME / OM25MEL Monitor 
Maxtec Venturi System
Maxtec MAX-250E

Advanced galvanic type % oxygen sensor with excellent stability and accuracy under stringent applications. All oxygen sensors are subjected to the most extensive stability test, output in air, 30″ of water column pressure test and stability at 100% oxygen. The widest range of % oxygen sensors offered by Analytical Industries, Inc. are “Made in USA”

Measuring Range0-100%
Accuracy 1+/-2% of Full Scale
Signal Output 210 – 13.5 mV
Linearity+/-2% of Full Scale
Response T9013 sec
Temp CoefficientCompensated
Operating Temp0 to 45°C
Recommended Storage 30 to 25°C
Shelf Life 46 months
Humidity Non-condensing0-99% RH
Expected Life 260 months
Electrical Connector3.5 phono jack

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