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Replacement galvanic oxygen sensors for use in PB 760 and PB 840 Ventilator


OEM Equipment:
PB 760 Ventilator 
PB 840 Ventilator


Advanced galvanic type % oxygen sensors with excellent stability and accuracy under stringent applications. All % oxygen sensors are subjected to the most extensive stability test, output in air, 30″ of water column pressure test and stability at 100% oxygen. The widest range of oxygen sensors offered by Analytical Industries, Inc. are “Made in USA”

Measuring Range 0-100% 
Accuracy 1+/-2% of Full Scale 
Signal Output 213 – 16 mV 
Linearity+/-2% of Full Scale Response T90 13 sec 
Temp Coefficient compensated Operating Temp 0 to 45°C 
Recommended Storage 30 to 25°C  
Temperature Coefficient Compensated
Shelf Life 46 months  
Humidity Non-condensing 0-99% RH
Expected Life 260 months
Electrical Connector  3 Pin male Molex, mating Connector Molex 2201-2037

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